Why do our buildings endure?


Because our practice changes every day.


One of the paradoxes of architecture lies in the fact that the end result often exists for generations, while the profession is constantly evolving. At DiMella Shaffer, we embrace this contradiction. For more than 40 years, our firm has changed and adapted to address new dynamics in the marketplace and groundbreaking developments in technology. At the same time, we have adhered to a number of treasured principles throughout our history, guided by the skills and sensibilities of our partners:

  • We never stop searching for new ways to express the social, environmental, and aesthetic forces that shape architectural practice. Clients benefit from this philosophy - a kind of restlessness that reflects both our high professional standards and our openness to innovative options and ideas.
  • We believe that architecture is, above all else, a human endeavor. Creating successful, sustainable buildings and interiors requires a high degree of empathy, and a knack for helping clients take creative risks.
  • A building is a lasting expression of the unique relationship that develops between a client and an architectural firm. Our job is to foster an inclusive working process, so that everyone involved - architects, clients, and users - will embrace the outcome of that collective effort.
  • Successful architectural projects are characterized by a willingness to explore and resolve the creative friction that exists between art and utility; tradition and innovation; listening and challenging; and pragmatism and magic.