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David Godfroy



“I am an arbiter of ideas and believe there’s no such thing as ‘it won’t work’. I enjoy a challenge and drive collaboration to find the best solution on any given project. My goal is to make beautiful spaces people want to be in.”  

David’s breadth of project work speaks directly to his strength as a solutions-oriented connector. He has an exceptional competence across sustainable, technical and aesthetic design, as well as place, that enables him to solve simultaneously for form and function. It’s this vast and deep knowledge of seemingly all components of a project that allows David’s superpower—finding and fixing problems—to really shine.

At the helm of DiMella Shaffer’s Life Sciences and Higher Education sectors, David has his finger on the pulse of multiple projects at all times. His deep-seated interest in uncovering not the only solution, but rather, the best solution, is vital to the way he leads an inclusive design process with clients, colleagues, contractors and end users alike. David’s ability to identify potential complications early and communicate them succinctly so that all parties are encouraged to proactively have a voice in decision making, sets him apart.

David’s love of exploration and firm belief that ‘rising tides lift all boats’ is at the foundation of everything he does. He is inspired equally by the academics and scientists he works with who are always willing to try new things, and the young talent he guides to bring unconventional ideas to the table. His advocacy for dynamic teamwork compels his clients and colleagues to open their eyes to new opportunities and do better.