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Diana Linsenmayer

Principal & Director of Operations
From an early age, Diana was encouraged to explore Art by her father. She and her brother spent time during their summer vacations painting landscapes in Cape Ann and building elaborate Lego structures. A career in architecture has allowed Diana to continue her interests in art and the built environment. Helping people envision new possibilities for their spaces and communities is her main passion.

With over 25 years of architectural experience, Diana focuses on the design and construction of the firm’s most complex academic projects. Problem solving is her superpower. She deftly navigates intricate projects and organizations and easily builds trust with clients and colleagues.

As the Director of Operations for the firm, Diana’s goal is to provide an equitable workplace where all staff thrive. She believes that an engaged team, with a passion for design and high performing buildings, is the best way to serve our clients as well as have positive impacts on our community.