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Lauren Gunther

Director of Sustainability & Associate

As Director of Sustainability for the firm, Lauren leads strategy, education, design support, advocacy, and mentorship related to environmental, social sustainability, and resiliency issues. She guides our Sustainability Working Group through furthering research and firm-wide initiatives associated with, but not limited to, lower EUI and embodied carbon strategies, as well as Passive House principles.   

Lauren grew up in Rochester, NY and at the age of eight developed a passion for the environment when NY State Legislature passed the Solid Waste Management Act.  She took it upon herself to design Reduce, Reuse, and Recycling posters and post them around her school.  At the same time, she became fascinated by the many abandoned buildings in downtown Rochester and curious about how they could be repurposed. This inquisitiveness has led her to make sustainability core to her thinking, and her positive outlook has her confident that we will significantly reduce energy consumption in our buildings, lower embodied carbon, and establish an equitable sustainable future.