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Lisa Raskin Kelly

Senior Associate

Lisa discovered a passion for architecture at an early age, drawing floor plans of fantasy structures and building snow forts in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. In high school, she found her first job in architecture at a small firm in her hometown – and has loved it ever since. Lisa completed undergraduate and graduate degrees in architecture at the University of Michigan. Graduate studies also brought her to Austria, where she spent a semester studying at the Technical University of Vienna. The process of envisioning, designing, and bringing to fruition beautiful, meaningful, and purposeful architecture has driven Lisa throughout her 25+ year career. She has focused on higher education, science and technology, and institutional projects. Tenacious problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and her ability to collaborate well with just about anyone are among Lisa’s strengths. In her free time, Lisa enjoys traveling and hiking off the beaten path, especially when that path leads to something delicious.