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Randy Kreie

Principal + President

As Principal and President, Randy helps translate design vision into architectural reality with an emphasis on team management, master planning, conceptual design and quality assurance. He loves working with clients and the interactions that come with the exploration of potential solutions through the design process. Randy’s educational facilities experience includes ongoing assignments for Boston College since 1996, providing them with long-term design services on over 30 projects, as well as numerous other projects at top universities and colleges. When he’s not in the office, or out on site, Randy spends most of his nights playing the acoustic guitar, still practicing on his original classical guitar from high school. Attaining a Master of Architecture and Bachelor of Science from Oklahoma State University, he is well-versed in assessing a problem and creating a solution quickly and confidently.  Randy greatly appreciates the inspiration gained from influential professors while in school, and currently serves on the Oklahoma State University Professional Advisory Committee – devoting much of his free time to help shape the program there.