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Steven McCormack


Steven got his start in architecture at a small firm in New York, and his quest to work on larger projects landed him in Boston. Steven finds himself drawn to the technical aspects of design and construction, especially when he focuses in on the details. Thoughtful and deliberate with everything he does, from researching a material, to detailing a building, to BIM coordination, to communicating with consultants, he does it all with an unflappable, positive attitude. Steven is co-chair of the Sustainability Working Group, driven by the idea of using materials which are more natural and locally sourced, longer lasting, easily recyclable and re-usable as well as those that are easier and safer to work with in the field. While Steven likes working on any project that has the capability of impacting’s someone’s daily life, he is most proud of working on projects he’s done for first responders and knowing that he was able to contribute to their success. Outside of work, Steven has a passion for dog training and seeing the joy they get from succeeding.