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Charles J. Faris Recovery Center

Spectrum Health Systems, Inc.

Since the company’s founding in 1969, Spectrum Health Systems has been on the forefront of substance abuse and mental health treatment, helping thousands of individuals overcome addiction to lead satisfying and productive lives. Spectrum’s objective for this project was to provide a new state-of-the-art 100-bed residential substance abuse treatment facility that would foster the residents’ dignity and self-respect through the recovery process. The vision was to create a non-institutional environment that was safe, comfortable and emotionally supportive, and included access to the beautiful and therapeutic natural surroundings.

The building is configured on three floors, with public and common area spaces located on the first level and private living spaces on two upper floors. Three simple building forms bridged by glassy connectors echo the massing of barn structures indigenous to the rural location and provide natural daylight and expansive views to the exterior at every level. Each household features a large living room with a wood-paneled fireplace and built-in computer station and a gathering space with kitchenette. The palette and furnishings are clean and contemporary and selected for a predominately masculine population, with durability and cleanability being of paramount importance. All furnishings are designed to provide safety and reduce suicide risk. Glass walls and doors in staff spaces and conference rooms have a translucent scrim applied to give privacy but still allow visibility in the event of a violent altercation.