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Peabody Pavilion

Tufts' Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine

Constructed for Grafton State Hospital as a Kitchen, Servery, and Dining Hall, the building evolved to the Amelia Peabody Pavilion as a large animal clinic in 1981. Modernizing the active research and animal care facility was complicated by the different phases of the 60-year old building’s history. Through early engagement, however, the team transformed it into a modern, open, and flexible space that includes: laboratories, offices, and conference rooms. In collaboration with Tufts University researchers during the initial planning phase, a multi-phased renovation strategy was developed around the school’s programming needs. The renovation consisted of creating a lab space including Histology Core, Molecular Biology Suite, Tissue Culture lab, Microscopy room, and temperature-controlled storage space. Flexibility of the lab was created through the removal of existing masonry partitions to create an open shared space, introduction of interior glazing to display the research spaces, adjustable casework systems, mobile base cabinets, and overhead services to promote future flexibility and evolving research trends. Modernization of laboratory systems included a new dedicated electrical feed and standby generator, new mechanical laboratory air handling units, upgraded laboratory waste system, and modular laboratory vacuum and research-grade water systems.