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Tockwotton on the Waterfront

Tockwotton Home

Founded in 1856 as the Home for Aged Women, Tockwotton Home was born out of a commitment to make life easier for the less fortunate. The organization has sustained a reputation for providing superior quality long-term care to a broad spectrum of the community ever since. Tockwotton Home, seeking to expand its mission but physically constrained in a 140-year-old building on a small urban lot, created a new home directly across the Seekonk River from its legacy building.

The Tockwotton Home takes full advantage of the East Providence waterfront and its views. The new 138,000 SF facility features a supportive home environment composed of 73 assisted living units, a 31-bed memory support community, and a 52-bed skilled nursing community. The New England seaside “shingle style” vernacular architecture supports the institution’s and residents’ sense of place and connection to the history of the region.

The new building dramatically expands Tockwotton Home’s ability to provide care to its residents. With this new facility, Tockwotton adopted the innovative household-centered model of nursing care. Each nursing household is designed to function as an independent residential home for 17 to 18 residents. Staff members are assigned to specific households, creating a strong bond between residents and their caregivers.