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Nicole Hathaway

Associate Principal + Director of Interiors


“Giving back increases the level of gratitude I have in my life. As designers, we are a lucky population that are in a position to connect values and build trust to improve the world. DiMella Shaffer only amplifies my gratitude and ability to make a difference.”


Nicole is always looking for ways to improve projects. As the firm’s Head of Interior Design, she combines her education in psychology, furniture design, and architecture to discover interior solutions that complement the architect’s vision while enhancing the client experience. Nicole thrives on her ability to understand what clients truly value—what really makes them tick—to create interiors that showcase individual identities.

She leads her team to establish personalized spaces that also resonate with their external counterparts and communities. Her laser-sharp focus on who she is designing for, rather than what, breathes life into each project through attention to detail.

Nicole’s team mentality, intuitive nature with clients, and expertise across all market sectors set the groundwork for guiding internal and external partners through an inclusive design process. Aside from being a resource to junior staff, Nicole’s favorite part of her work is construction. She is motivated by witnessing the physical betterment she contributes to and appreciates the creativity and camaraderie it brings to watching an imagined space become reality.