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Harmon Apartments

The Boston Home

A transit-oriented development near the Ashmont MBTA train station, Harmon Apartments is a 36-unit, mixed-income residential development providing accessible and affordable homes for individuals with neurological disabilities. A first in Massachusetts, the Harmon Apartments allow for residents to live independently at home with their families while having access to state-of-the-art care at The Boston Home, an adjacent nursing facility for adults with advanced progressive neurological diseases. Special attention was given to acoustics within units, between units, and in public spaces through impact resistant flooring, noise transmission reduction, and highly absorbent acoustic surfaces. Each floor level is painted in different colors to orient and minimize confusion for residents with vision deficiency. Window sills are appropriately located to allow residents in wheelchairs a visual connection to the outside. Technology was incorporated in the design to allow residents to control their own environments such as doors, window shades, heating, and cooling operations – giving them complete autonomy in their homes for as long as possible. Harmon Apartments followed the Article 80 process with the BPDA and went through multiple community meetings and continued updates during construction. In addition to rental apartments, the building provides a community room for the residents and a second community room/activity room at street-level where the general public is welcomed.