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Benfield Farms

Neighborhood of Affordable Housing

The Neighborhood of Affordable Housing sought to transform a 45-acre parcel of land that sits in a classic New England landscape into an affordable senior community. The development was to be a single building providing a range of rental housing for a variety of incomes for those who wish to live in the Town of Carlisle.

The design team developed an architectural vernacular consistent with the community, in scale with elements that are familiar and residential.  The solution is a 2-story barn-like structure attached to a 3-story central space, creating a combined character that is customary, appropriate and in scale with the existing community. The building was designed and sited to minimize the footprint and maximize the orientation for solar advantage  and incorporated sustainable design elements such as a well-insulated and air-sealed envelope, high-efficiency equipment, Energy Star-rated appliances and lighting and rainwater recycling

The residents benefit from accessible surrounding landscape and units that can be adapted to persons with disabilities as needed. Paved pathways provide easy access for seniors to enjoy the surrounding landscape.  The incorporation of large windows into both the units and common spaces maximizes the amount of sunlight entering the rooms, creating warm and inviting environments. The building also meets the Energy Stretch Code adopted by the Town of Carlisle and achieved LEED for Homes Gold Certification.