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Miller & Houston Halls

Tufts University

Built in the 1960’s, the Miller and Houston Halls, along with Carmichael Hall and Olin Hall comprise the ‘Rez’ Quad (named for a former reservoir on the site) of the Tufts’ Residence Halls. The purpose of this renovation project was to improve the quality of the housing experience by fostering small communities and shared experiences. Additionally, other goals of the project included improving the aesthetic appeal of the buildings and the quad and making it a desirable place for learning and recreation. The renovated dorms divide each floor into two communities of 30 students, each with its own resident advisor, lounge space and bathrooms. The project redistributes lounge space and adds a total of 41 beds to the buildings, along with the design of a kitchen and living room area to host large gathers and events. Accessibility upgrades, improvements to the heating and cooling system, modernization of fire safety systems, additional power in each bedroom, and upgraded LED lighting have all been completed as part of the renovation.