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440 Bedford

440 Bedford is a 6-story tenant-ready core and shell building that will be the tallest in the Hartwell Innovation District of Lexington, a well-developed lab cluster. Sited on a long narrow piece of land surrounded by wetlands, the building’s length is broken into two separate masses clad in facete metal panels with a glassy metal front and middle slot. Tiered terraces further help to break up the scale of the building.

To connect people to the environment, the design includes several roof terraces, a walking trail around the building’s parking garage, and other landscaped spaces for people to gather.

This project will pursue LEED Silver, providing partial electrification of the heating system to reduce the building’s carbon footprint, and in addition to 26-day one EV (Electric Vehicle) charging stations, the project will supply the infrastructure to install 50% of the parking spaces as EV in the future. The design also includes amenity spaces like a café, fitness room, lunchroom, informal gathering spaces, and a 100-person conference space. The interior design takes cues from the surrounding wetlands bringing in natural materials and colors inspired by the reeds and vegetation found in the area.