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BV Investment Partners

Looking for a new home to accommodate their firm’s growth, BV Investment Partners selected DiMella Shaffer to help achieve a forward-thinking and timeless design while reflecting their current leadership aspirations. Materiality played a role in the design through the use of muted colors and natural materials – cool gray patterned acoustical felt wall treatments in open workspaces and partially exposed ceilings and wood used throughout the communal areas – maintaining a level of refinement.

Designing a space for an investment firm meant interweaving the need for privacy with the firm’s desire for transparency. Due to the nature of their work, 80% of the space is comprised of private offices and conference rooms – fit with cutting-edge technology and a sleek, clean finish – highlighting the stunning views of Boston and Boston Harbor. The glass walls of the private offices offer a way to be together and provide access to natural light and views for everyone, even when individual office doors are closed. The space itself was designed to be visually transparent yet acoustically private with double-glazed glass walls, carpet, acoustically sound ceilings, and acoustic wall treatments.

Touchdown spaces are an informal option to their conference rooms for collaboration and gatherings. Rather than multiple tables that discourage social interaction, the café space is fit with a communal lunch table that can seat up to 25. As many of their employees spend much of their workday in private offices, it was important to incorporate public and inviting communal spaces that encourage employees to relax, reset, and enjoy one another’s company.

Although not formally pursuing any sustainable credits, BV Investment Partners’ leadership team was excited about our approach to designing sustainable offices. A few sustainable features, which met various LEED and WELL certification criteria, include no VOC paints, LED lighting, and the use of natural wood, stone, tile, ceiling, and carpet products. Acoustic felt solutions on the ceilings and walls are Red List free items, which achieved The International Living Future Institute’s Living Building Challenge and Declare Label certification.

DiMella Shaffer’s interior team is currently engaged in a second expansion project for the client.